Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Scariest Movie Quote Ever: "That Thing upstairs Isn't my daughter"

The Exorcist is ranked as the best horror movie of all time. It rightfully deserves this title as the scariest movie ever made. Linda Blair's evil take as Regan sends a chill up most spines.

This exorcism movie released in 1973 includes a scary movie quote in which the mom says, "That thing upstairs isn't my daughter."

The mother is basically referring to the monster upstairs rather than identifying it as a physical form of her daughter. Her real daughter is trapped inside an evil shell.

The demon Pazuzu has already taken possession of this innocent young girl, Regan. Enter the exorcist, the priest who is tasked with removing this demon through performing an exorcism.

"That thing upstairs isn't my daughter" is by far the spookiest dialogue in a horror film. 

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