Insidious Movie Questions

Enjoy watching the Insidious movie? Find astral projection to be an interesting concept? Have questions about the Insidious movie? Share your questions and comments below.

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  1. It is likely there may be a deal to make Insidious 2. Leigh Whannell holds the key. James Wan will sign up to direct Insidious 2 if his good friend Leigh decides to write the astral horror.

    Astral projection must remain a constant force in the horror movie. Insidious 2 can easily make over $100 million. What you think about an Insidious 2 movie?

  2. New article on the danger of video taping exorcisms at

  3. Sony Pictures register three Insidious 2 domain names. Give that fact, the movie studio is planning to make Insidious 2. Normally, movie studios will not register a domain name to put on the shelf. Check out the article from a few days back about the Sony Pictures registrations.