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Insidious Movie

Insidious passively captured astral projection. The psychic medium induced an OBE with a mind projection technique in counting backwards and using the mind device.

A person who wants to astral project doesn't necessarily need another individual to induce astral projection. Hence, you can record another voice or that of your own to astral project. An experienced astral projector can induce an OBE without the help of any device or a voice guiding them. 

Insidious attempted to touch on too many themes that astral projection only became a factor when the medium mentioned the act as well as when she induces the OBE through counting backwards and with the mind device. 

However, The Astral Hell is depicted as one of the subplanes of the astral plane. It is true that evil people remain trapped in The Astral Hell. Insidious managed to get The Astral Hell aspect right. Astral projection is also about the astral world and or the astral plane. 

The astral form or astral body does leave the body once an individual becomes skilled enough to induce the act. It is sometimes possible to enter the astral world through near-death experiences and in moments of intense stress such as traumatic experiences. 

Insidious only had a $1.5 million budget. They were limited with depicting astral projection techniques beyond the last scene. Astral projection is implied in Dalton's drawings. 

In essence, Insidious delved into several themes. Moviegoers identified with astral projection because it is a concept that is uncommon in the movies. In my opinion, capturing astral projection accurately will take much more funding as well as a good understanding of the process. 

Check out A NIghtmare on Elm Street. The horror movie does a good job of portraying the OBE since the dream world represents the astral plane. Nancy can see her physical body sleeping on the bed while her astral form moves about the astral plane that resembles the real world. 

In The Mummy, the last scene shows a chariot remove the astral form from the Mummy character. That is how the astral form or astral body appears to physical form. However, the astral form is invisible to humans. 

Therefore, we wouldn't see an astral form of another person that is astral projecting. There is evidence that proves people can sometimes see an astral form of another astral projecting to them. It appears as a ghost form that is light and almost resembles the person. 

Astral projection is relatively under utilized in movies. Insidious introduces the concept, implies it with Dalton's drawings, and induces the OBE through mind projection techniques such as what is employed in Source Code and in A NIghtmare on Elm Street 3. Insidious partially captures the idea of astral projection. 

For the most part, the production budget needs at least $50 million or more to build on astral projection. The Insidious movie depicted astral projection in the best way possible without eating up too much of the production budget. They could have revealed to the audience of Dalton's astral travels through his dreams and or nightmares. His coma happens of all of sudden, and then find out later he is stuck in "The Further". 

Astral beings portrayed as ghosts are drawn to Dalton's unoccupied body. Astral projection expert will suggest that a physical body is not vulnerable to possession while under the astral projection state. However, Richard Webster (author of Astral Travel for beginners), suggests that you can protect yourself before attempting to astral project. 

Insidious puts forth a good effort to portray astral projection. They conveyed astral projection through dialogue, ghosts, The Further (subplanes of the astral plane or astral world), mind projection techniques (the mind device and counting backwards), and with recreating the horror of The Astral Hell to demonstrate the evilness that resides in the subplanes. 

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  1. The old woman takes full control of Josh's physical body. The astral projection action in the end completed the possession. The old woman waited for years for Josh to astral project again.

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  4. Leigh Whannel and James Wan are clever on the OBE. Josh never knew he left his body until he viewed his Physical body from the distance.

    The Astral Hell is depicted acurately in Insidious. Evil spirits keep repeating the actions that sent them to Astral Hell.

  5. Josh's physical body is possessed. The old woman occupied Josh's physical body through attacking his weak subconscious. Therefore, an evil astral being now has complete control over Josh. Fear opens the door to demon and evil spirit possession. Josh's astral body remains in the astral world.

  6. Insidious portrayed the astral plane as The Astral Hell of the subplane. The astral plane into 7 subplanes. Evil human spirits repeat their deviant acts over-and-over again. The woman shoots her parents several times while they watch television. These astral beings don't sense Josh's astral form in their home.

  7. How accurately did the movie capture the idea of astral projection?

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  9. Is there any technique to experience astral projection that someone was successful with actually ?