Astral Projection Techniques

Do you know how do astral projection? Have you experienced difficulty with inducing an out of body experience? Astral Projection Techniques will provide astral projection techniques to improve your OBE. If your are already experienced at inducing an OBE, share your astral projection techniques in the comment section below to help others.


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  2. I experienced a OBE last night. I walked around the home. I could see everything around me in the same manner as in the waking state. A good way OBE technique is to narrate your actions.

    I noticed my computer acting weird. The screen kept lighting up and brightening. I asked another about the computer acting strangely. I walked around the vicinity to view real world in my OBE.

    Have OBE techniques to share? Share yours below. Thanks.

  3. The best OBE techniques are:

    - Inducing sleep paralysis
    - Recording your voice
    - Hypnosis

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