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When I was about 6 years old, my father took me camping in the mountains. I went on a few of these deer hunting trips. I can remember the early 80's music playing on the radio. My dad drove a light green Rambler station wagon. He was in his 13th year of military service. 

There was an old couple that welcomed us in their camp site. They lived in a large mobile camper. We had dinner with these folks as well as with a few others that also retreated out to the mountains for their annual deer hunting tour. I remember the campers.

We enjoyed breakfast - the traditional eggs, sausage, bacon and ham with hash browns. I also like eating those breakfast bars in a yellow box. They used to sell the breakfast bars in the supermarket. You can't find these bars anymore.  

One time I got stung by a wasp. Another camper scolded me for shooting my BB gun in the camp site. Smokey the Bear paid the camp site a visit to speak of fire prevention. These were good memories.    

My dad took me out on deer hunting excursions several miles outside of the camp site. Most of the time these excursions were unsuccessful, though I remember one time my dad accomplished his hunting goal. I walked across the high grass. There were large trees. The mountains were tall in stature.

During the trips and at back as the camp site, I could smell the hickory wood burning from the camp fires. The region appeared to be popular among deer hunters. On our camp fire, I toasted marshmallows over the hot flame. I drank hot chocolate. The air smelled fresh.  

One night my father and another female camper searched the woods for noise. I remained back at the camp site with the rest of the group. My father and the lady frantically returned. Their faces looked as white as a ghost.  

My dad claimed a UFO paralyzed them. The UFO hovered over, and then stunned their movement. The bright lights shined down on their bodies until it left. Then, the paralysis released its grip on their nerves. My dad never went much into detail since the UFO event affected him at that time.

Almost 30 years later, I asked my dad about what happened on that night. He still remembers the UFO event. His UFO encounter is vivid. I plan to investigate further into his UFO encounter to put the pieces together, shedding light on possible Alien existence.

Please share your UFO encounters below.  

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