Psychic Discussion

There are many psychics among us. These people can predict the future. They might warn you of danger. Maybe these psychics can communicate with the dead. What psychic experiences have you had? Start the discussion below. 


  1. On Friday, I walked to Barnes & Nobles. On the way back home, I sensed that I must be especially careful walking across a certain intersection. I could see a speeding car. The vision was not vivid, but more of a intuition to watch out from the left side.

    Twenty minutes later, I reached this intersection. I walked across the street, and then a speeding vehicle on the left side could not slow down fast enough.

    I quickly ran out of the way to avoid getting hit.
    Ironically, I sensed this events 20 minutes prior.

  2. Psychics are reliable spiritual guides. If you want immediate direction, go to a respectable psychic to find out solutions. It is worth your time and money to avoid future problems.

  3. While taking a shower last night, I somehow mentioned the word "anarchy". 10-20 minutes later an end of the world show mentioned that anarchy would occur once the world ends. It's ironic that I repeated the word.

    This has happened many times. I can sense what another person thinks before they even mention it. I'm no psychic. Last year, a psychic informed me I had some psychic abilities myself. She never told me what exact abilities I possess. I find it rather interesting to make predictions or to have an intuition.

  4. Never have a computerized psychic reading performed. Stick with the traditional psychic readings.