Sunday, September 14, 2014

Out of Body Experience: What is the out of body experience (OBE)?

An out of body experience is when the astral body (OBE) and or the astral form leaves the physical body via the middle of the forehead. Astral projection and or astral travel is reminiscent of the OBE because an astral traveler or astral projector also leave the body through the middle of the forehead via an astral body and or astral form. What is the out of body experience (OBE)?

A Nightmare on Elm Street and Insidious are two astral horror movies which depict the out of body experience, commonly known as the OBE. Once the astral body or astral form leave the physical body, a person can move about the astral plane or astral world. In A Nightmare on Elm Street, the dream plane represents the astral plane or astral world. However, the Insidious movie induces astral projection through mind projection techniques such as hypnoses and counting backwards.

People who have induced the OBE claim to float around their body. It is a surreal experience that requires practice and a strong mind to master. Moreover, fatigued minds may disrupt the OBE. Your astral form is capable of viewing your physical body. In the science world, the OBE and astral projection are based entirely on science fiction.

Nonetheless, dream research demonstrates that dreamers produce brain activity while in the dream state. A person can induce the OBE through lucid dreaming, which is realizing the reality of a dream within a dream. It is at this point the dreamer questions the dream, informing their mind of the dream state. Therefore, the person can communicate to the subconscious to induce the OBE.

The history of the OBE coincides with astral projection. The Egyptians are known to have practiced astral projection. Their early artwork also shows an astral form leaving the physical body via the OBE process. Nonbelievers challenge the OBE because they assume it's make believe.

Thus, people who suffer from sleep paralysis claim to leave their body through the astral form. Accident victims who have a near-death experience identify the OBE. Surgery victims report the OBE while undergoing an operation. There are valid accounts to deem the OBE as a real process.

The OBE and astral projection coincide with demonic possession since the nay-sayers reject them as fiction. Moreover, the OBE, astral projection, and demonic possession fall into the UFO and ghost controversial topics. People question the OBE as scientists investigate life beyond Earth. Do you think the OBE is faux? Want to attempt to induce an OBE?

You can induce the OBE a number of ways, including training your mind to identify the intended goal - to leave the physical body through your astral form or astral body. Meditation is known to be effective, helping a person to induce the OBE with a strong, clear mind. Induce the OBE while experiencing a lucid dream. Tell your mind this dream is not real. Inform your astral form to leave your body through the forehead. Inform yourself that you want to float about your physical body.

Make an attempt to induce the OBE to validate whether the out of body experience is indeed reality or fiction. You can achieve fantasy with the OBE. Try to do your first OBE. If you have previously induced the OBE, continue to explore the out of body experience such as meeting astral projectors on the astral plane. Good luck on the OBE.


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