Saturday, June 7, 2014

Deliver Us From Evil exorcism movie

Eric Bana is starring in an upcoming exorcism movie Deliver Us From Evil, set to be released on July 2, 2014. This movie is based on a true story about a NYPD officer's experience with an evil demonic spirit terrorizing New York City. Devil and demonic subject matters usually delve deep into biblical themes on the Devil.

Exorcism movies are extremely popular. In recent time, The Devil Inside and The Possession finished first in their opening weekends. Moreover, The Conjuring deals with an exorcism in the ending. These types of movies cause anxiety and fear in moviegoers who find demonic and evil spirits entertaining.

Deliver Us From Evil is a great movie title that tells us what the movie is about. The director Scott Derrickson has made previous movies on exorcism, such as The Exorcism of Emily Rose and Sinister. We're sure this movie will feature an exorcism at the end, which The Devil Inside filmmakers failed to incorporate into their movie. The best scene in an exorcism movie is always the ending - the exorcism ritual.

Watch Deliver Us From Evil on July 2, 2014 to get a midsummer scare.

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